The purpose of the William's Wings Foundation is to support others who suffer the imaginable loss of a child. Below are a few organizations we are proud to support.

Angel of Hope Statue

Angel of Hope Statues provide a place for families to find solace while mourning the loss of a child. In 2015, our principal project became a reality in Chanhassen, MN.

Faith's Lodge

Faith's Lodge provides a place where parents and families facing the serious illness or death of a child can retreat to reflect on the past, renew strength for the present, and build hope for the future. In 2016 we formed a great partnership with them.  In the spring of 2016 we provided full support for their first ever SIDS-centered weekend. We hosted a second SIDS weekend in the fall.  Our hearts were full after receiving several heartfelt messages from attendees.  

Babies Need Boxes

In 2016 we established a partnership with Babies Need Boxes to provide the life saving Finnish Baby Box tradition to vulnerable mothers in Minnesota.

Hope for the Mourning 

Hope for the Mourning supports families in their most immediate time of need, as soon as a child passes.  Hope for the Mourning sends a care package of books, gift certificates and other resources.  These resources were very important to Misty and Todd after losing William. In 2013, we began a partnership to help support their efforts that continues today.

Ridgeview Foundation

In 2016, William's Wings has supported all new families giving birth at Ridgeview Medical in Waconia by providing the support necessary to go home with a SleepSack.  This sleep sack ensures babies will sleep safely, and in comfort." 

Angel of Hope for Newtown

On December 14th, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT came under fire in a tragic, horrifying school shooting that ended with 20 children perishing.  In memory of those children, and to provide a place of comfort funds were raised to erect an Angel of Hope statue.  William's Wings Foundation helped make this statue a reality during fundraising efforts in 2013

If you have a special request of support in the unfortunate event of a child's death, please contact us about ways we can support you.  

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