Our Story

June 10, 2011 was one of the happiest and proudest days of our lives. Our beautiful, first born son William Douglas Luecke arrived at 6:18 PM. We knew William was a perfect gift from the very first moment that we laid eyes on him. William was an amazing little boy that touched the hearts of everyone that met him - and even those who had only heard stories about him! What William could not express in speech, he made up for in expressions, SMILES, and actions.  He was an active little boy that lived his life to the fullest and never missed a beat.  

On February 27, 2012 we received a phone call that changed our lives forever and one that we never anticipated receiving.  Our precious William was napping at daycare and simply never woke up.  We were in total disbelief - how could our happy, outgoing, perfectly healthy boy simply pass away during his nap?  We were told by medical professionals that he died from Sudden Unexplained Infant Dealth.  All we wanted were answers as to why this happened, but there was absolutely nothing wrong with him...he was PERFECT!  

We knew that we had cared for William and tried to protect him from everything, and sadly, that didn't protect him from this.  William loved us unconditionally and we loved him even more!  William taught us so much in his short life like how to live life to the fullest, not to take a single day for granted, and to laugh and SMILE often.  He taught us that being a parent is the greatest joy in the world and we are so thankful that we were able to experience that joy with William.  William will be missed every day on Earth, and we anxiously await the day that we get to be together again in Heaven.

We lived an extremely active life before being blessed by the birth of William, and remained on-the-go even after he was born. Despite only having 8 1/2 months with William, our time together as a family was filled with many great moments. Although his life was short, William enjoyed so many moments including: being baptized, going to church as a family, going to restaurants, visiting family and friends, his first trip on an airplane, tailgating (he LOVED the Twins, Vikings, and Gophers) and attending swimming lessons.  We're not sure if William was the lucky one or if is was us, but we are so grateful for all of the wonderful memories.  We continue to thank God for the joy and blessings William brought to our lives.


As a way to honor William and create something special in his name, we created William's  Wings Foundation.  Our primary goal for this foundation is to provide hope, healing, help, and  hopefully smiles again to families grieving the loss of a child.  Other important goals for this foundation include the following:  to purchase a Christmas Box Angel Statue to erect a  monument that will serve as a beacon of hope and remembrance for families who have lost a child; to provide financial support to organizations who conduct research, education, and informational activities related to sudden unexplained infant deaths; to provide financial support for organizations who provide support and encouragement to families grieving the death of a child; and also to advocate for the health and survival of children.

William Douglas Luecke  June 10, 2011 - February 27, 2012

William Douglas Luecke 
June 10, 2011 - February 27, 2012

William brought joy to every person he met during his life and to everyone who had the opportunity to meet William.  His smile was something that is completely unforgettable! Every time we think about him smiling we smile ourselves, often followed by a tear.  William's passing left a tremendous hole in the hearts of many that will never be filled.  William was loved unconditionally every single day of his short life, and is still loved while in Heaven.

Many different opportunities are available for you to support this great organization. Please browse our website for available opportunities, or CONTACT us directly.